Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries understands that it’s important to teach children to appreciate nutritious, wholesome foods and Marvin wants everyone to learn about how important a healthy, balanced diet is. What better way to do this than by using creative activities and fun recipes?

Marvin wants children can have fun while learning about cooking and nutrition. Not only are you teaching them new skills but you can create healthy habits that can stay with them through their whole lives. There are lots of ways to make it more fun and interactive too, whether it’s through the cooking and eating or by using rhymes, songs and dance as you go – we can always use our imagination and learn in all sorts of exciting and engaging ways!

Have a go at some of Marvin’s favourite meals and snacks that he has below. He has made something for every occasion, whether you’re cooking for yourself, making something for a special occasion or need to find something for all of your friends and family. They can all be made with the whole family so everyone can get involved with the fun and learn about making some nutritious and fun recipes.

Recipes to try at home