Marvin likes to be busy and spends his time doing lots of exciting and fun activities, whether he is learning at home or out exploring the world around him and he would love to share this with you.

Welcome to Marvin’s World

Let’s play, learn, and grow together with Marvin.

In Marvin’s World there are lots of different activities for children. From activities at home, like baking and cooking, learning nursery rhymes or arts and crafts, to visiting and learning about new countries, there is nothing Marvin likes more than to be learning new things. Below you will find some of the wonderful activities that Marvin likes to do, and you can try as well. There are many activities for children that can be a great way to spend time together as a family, as well as being perfect activities and things to do at the weekend or in the holidays! There is always something new to try.

If you’ve tried any activity, we’d love to see what you have done! No matter how you get on, share your activities with us by posting them on your social media, and then tagging us using #monkeypuzzledaynurseries to show us what you have been doing.

Marvin’s Activities and Learning

Visit here to find Marvin’s new educational activities that you can enjoy with your children at home.

Marvin’s Adventures

Marvin the MonkeyJoin Marvin as he travels around the world, learning about countries and visiting sites all over the globe and see where Marvin has visited with his friends from our nurseries.

Travel and learn with Marvin

Marvin’s Bedtime Stories

Marvin the MonkeyLearn about nature and try your own science experiments to learn about the world around you.

Bedtime Stories with Marvin

Marvin’s Science & Nature Hub

Sitting MarvinLearn about nature and try your own science experiments to learn about the world around you.

Learn Science with Marvin

Get Crafty with Marvin

Marvin the MonkeyDiscover fun arts and crafts activities that you can do at home.

Arts and crafts with Marvin

Cook with Marvin

Marvin the MonkeyTry and make some of Marvin’s yummy and delicious recipes at home! Perfect for making with you family.

Cook with Marvin

Marvin the Monkey

Marvin the MonkeyLearn about our friend Marvin and find out about where he’s from and what he loves to do.

Marvin the Monkey