Our Monkey Puzzle Nurseries and Preschools have a special part to play in their local areas. Parents and children welcome us into their community and in turn, they become a part of our Monkey Puzzle family. We understand the trust that they give us and, in turn, we know that it is our responsibility to be a part of that community, supporting them as they support us.

We want to build relationships within the local area and become an important asset for the people living there that goes beyond what we do within the nursery every day. Through participation in events, supporting local businesses, providing jobs for local residents and being an active member of the community, we want to help ensure that every area that we are lucky to be a part of is better off with one of our nurseries as part of it.

Just a few of the amazing things that some of our nurseries do include:

  • Mother and baby groups
  • Stay and play sessions
  • Sponsoring local sports teams
  • Supporting and fund raising for local charities
  • Being a part of community events like fayres and fêtes
  • Donations to local groups and schools
  • Community fun days