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At Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries, babies are welcomed from the age of three to eighteen months. During their time with us, babies will stay in a room specially designed just for them, purposely created with their needs in mind.

All children’s development at the nursery is underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage which is the framework that your child will be assessed under in their first year at school. At our nurseries, we prepare your children for school by carefully weaving the framework into your child’s play each and every day.

Why Choose Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries for your baby?

Babies are looked after by a dedicated and specially trained team of individuals. They will each care directly for no more than three children at any one time. In doing so, the teams can provide the intimate care your young child needs. This will also be achieved in a way that works in partnership with your parenting, with regular check-ins to ensure we continuously deliver the best care possible as your child grows. The reason for this is so your child maintains consistency in their daily care.

In addition, your baby’s development is focused on three prime areas. These are:

  • Physical development
  • Communication and language
  • Personal, social and emotional development

Not only do we focus on these key areas, but we also weave development through your child’s day. We achieve this by talking and role-modelling with them during their play, for example. The care our Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries deliver ensures that the environment that our babies stay in is stimulating and warm, full of interaction and play.

What are the benefits of nurseries for babies?

There are many benefits for babies to join a nursery. Attending a nursery can help support parents create a structure or routine for babies such as meal times, activities and play and naps. This can also help babies learn new skills as well as build independence and confidence as they learn. Spending time with other children and nursery staff is also fantastic for babies. It can help to develop communication and social skills as they spend time interacting with new people, learning to listen, learning to share and making new friends.

Having your baby attend a nursery can also have benefits for you as parents. It can allow you to meet new people and make friends with children of a similar age. It also can help you return to a more familiar balance in your life as you may be preparing to return to work. Similarly, it could afford you more time to complete your family tasks.

To find out more about what our Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries have to offer to you and your family, you can find the nearest nursery to you through our nursery search page.