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Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries are committed to providing the very best care and early years education to everyone within our nurseries. Alongside that, we strive to provide great jobs and careers in all of our nursery settings that people can be proud of .

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Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries logoOur Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries staff are all selected for their positive, caring, and passionate nature. We value their diversity and the unique qualities and skills that they can bring to our family. When filling vacant job roles, our policy is to always recruit and/or promote internally where possible. We want to offer exciting and diverse career opportunities to all staff that are seeking them. Whatever your goals are within our internal teams or your personal career, we can we will assist you in achieving that goal and progress even further.

Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries are very keen to ensure the majority of staff participate in training at all levels. This encourages them to continue to progress, develop and grow in their careers during their time with us, helping us to deliver exceptional service in everything we do. We also offer our staff access to a range of training routes to ensure they stay up to date with the latest guidance for care within our nurseries at all levels of staff.

Current vacancies

For job vacancies and work within our nurseries, please view our careers portal below. Alternatively, please check your local nurseries website and contact them directly to see the available opportunities that they have on offer.


View our current vacancies