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Welcome to Marvin’s Science and Nature Hub. You can come here to learn about science, nature and the environment which is everything around us such as the air, soil, water, plants, and animals.

Learning about the environment around us helps people to understand why it is important that it needs to be looked after. Teaching our children from a young age allows them to appreciate the natural world, inspiring them to care for it as they grow, making sure it is as beautiful as it can be for their children as well. We believe that learning about the different countries, people, and animals around the world will build on children’s understanding and acceptance of everyone and everything around them.

Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries wants to share some ideas that will let families explore some ideas for practical activities that can help children learn and understand sustainability, the impact we have on the Earth and how we can make it better for the people and animals that share it with us.

Find out more by clicking on the exciting activities below.