Published On: June 14th, 2022

Why not grow your own veggies with your little ones? This is the perfect way to get them involved and teach them how important and fun a healthy diet is. Growing your own vegetables isn’t a complicated process, but it does take time and effort.

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The first step to growing your own veggies is deciding how you want to do it – there are many different ways, with some which are more suited to you. You can grow these directly in the ground, in raised garden beds, in a greenhouse or even in your kitchen!

Why not start off with something simple and in season, such as peas? Forget about frozen peas – nothing compares with the super-sweet flavour of freshly harvested, tender, home-grown peas!

Take a look at our instructions and give it a go yourself. Make sure to take a picture and tag us using #mpactivities so we can see your hard work!

Grow your own peas

Sow your seeds

If you are growing inside, use some tall pots or root trainers and add your soil to the a plant pot. Make a small hole with a finger and plant your seed, one per point. Cover the seed with soil and then water the soil.

If your are growing outdoors, make a set of small holes in a row roughly 7.5cm apart. Plant one seed in each hole and cover them up with soil. Water the seeds once you are done

Growing your peas

Check the soil regularly and water as necessary. Most peas need some support to grow. As they begin to sprout, you can add some to help them grow. Bamboo canes, netting or trellises work well and help the peas have something to grow up.

Harvest your peas

Once the pods begin to grow and fill out, you are ready to harvest and enjoy your peas. You should pick them regularly to help the plants continue to grow. If the pods aren’t picked, the plant will stop producing flowers and new pods won’t grow.

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