Published On: March 21st, 2022

Looking for something to do at the weekend? Want to get outside and enjoy the sun? Try our fantastic flower pressing activity!

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Now that Spring is around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start getting outside and enjoying nature. Have a go at our easy flower pressing activity. All you need are a few items and some flowers of your choice. Be careful when you pick them, making sure you don’t take more than you need and leave plenty of flowers to continue to grow. Once you have your flowers, come home and have a go at our instructions below!

Flower pressing activity

flower pressing step 1

flower pressing step 2

flower pressing step 3

Fun facts about flowers

There are over 300,000 different types of flowers in the world, of all different colours, sizes, shapes and smells. Flowers use their smells to help attract insects and bugs while others use their smells to try and warn animals away from them. Some flowers, like the Venus Fly Trap, can even eat small insects when they get trapped inside them.

More unusually, at one point in time Tulips from Holland were worth more than gold, and the Broccoli you have for dinner is actually a flower! Before it has a chance to have its flower buds open, it is harvested and sent off to supermarkets ready for cooking!

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