Published On: July 4th, 2022

This week we have an experiment to learn about hot and cold objects. Our friend Pi needs rescuing from the ice after becoming stuck!

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What you need for your Ice Rescue experiment

  • Ice
  • Old Fabric
  • Bowl of Water

How to make do your Ice Rescue experiment

  1. Before you do your experiment, find a toy or something small and freeze it inside some ice to be your friend “Pi.”
  2. Observe your ice cub and notice that your friend is stuck. Discuss how you need to try and free him with your children.
  3. Place the ice inside your hand and observe what happens when you gentle hold him.
  4. Try to wrap the ice cube inside some fabric. Does “wearing clothes” help the ice cube melt faster? Watch and discuss what happens.
  5. Next, try placing the ice in a “bath.” Place the ice cube in some water and see what happens. Try pushing the ice cube to the bottom of the water and talk about what happens when you let it go.
  6. Continue your experiments until you have freed your friend! Try some different materials, tools or techniques to see if they affect the ice different and make it melt faster or slower.

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