Published On: July 4th, 2022

This week is all about Kide Science. Today, we have an activity which can be completed indoors – Force of the wind. This is a great opportunity to observe together how the force of wind will have a different impact on different objects.

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The goal of the experiment is to blow into the straw and see how far the objects will move. Make sure to choose objects of different weight and see how far you can move each one

What you need for your Force of the Wind experiment

  • A straw
  • Objects (of different weights) to test
  • Tape
  • Paper/Post-it notes

How to do your Force of the Wind experiment

  1. Each scientist has their own set of objects to study
  2. Take one object and place it on a long table or surface
  3. Make a guess to see how far you think you can blow the object with one blow through the straw. Mark your guess with a piece of paper or post-it note
  4. Blow hard into the straw and see what happens. Move the piece of paper to where the object moved to.
  5. Repeat the experiment with a different object
  6. Observe the results and compare the differences between your guesses for each of the objects.

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