Marvin likes to be busy and spends his time doing lots of exciting and fun activities, whether he is learning at home or out exploring the world around him. Marvin loves to learn through play and interact with the adults around him.

Marvin the MonkeyMeet Marvin the Monkey! He’s a special little monkey who was born in 2002 and has lived in the wonderful town of Berkhamsted ever since. Marvin is a fun-loving monkey who just can’t sit still! He loves to travel and explore new places, his most favourite spot for sightseeing is the big and bustling city of London. The tall buildings and busy streets always make him feel excited!

Now, let us tell you a little secret about Marvin – he adores bananas! They’re his absolute favourite treat. In fact, he has a fantastic banana bread recipe that he loves to share with his friends, just thinking about it makes his tummy rumble.

But you know what makes Marvin extra special? He’s super curious and loves to learn! He enjoys spending time with children, playing games with them, and watching them learn and grow. That’s why he often visits our nursery settings, Marvin gets to meet lots of children, their parents, carers, and wonderful nursery educators. It’s always a great atmosphere when Marvin is around!

Adventure is his middle name! Marvin loves going on exciting journeys with his nursery friends. They’ve been to so many places, from sandy beaches with sparkling blue waters to visits to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, they’ve seen it all.

Science and nature is another one of Marvin’s passions, he’s a little scientist in the making! He loves to learn how things work and to explore the wonders of the world. Outdoors is his favourite classroom – he explores the environment, discovers animals and plants, and learns new things every day.

But wait, there’s more! Marvin is quite the artist too! He’s a master of arts and crafts. Together with the children at the nursery, they create beautiful paintings, build incredible structures with playdough, and decorate everything with their colourful creations.

Marvin’s heart is full of love and joy. He cherishes the time he spends with his friends, both big and small. Every adventure brings new friends, new memories, and new knowledge. So, if you ever visit Berkhamsted or any Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery, keep your eyes open for Marvin the Monkey! You’ll recognize him by his big smile and twinkling eyes. He’s always ready for a new adventure, and he might just invite you to join him on a magical journey!