Bringing The Outdoors Inside

The preschoolers at Orient Close Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery St Albans could be forgiven for not knowing whether to take of their coats when they entered their newly transformed Preschool room.


Well the nursery has installed a one of a kind unique floor, one that depicts all the fun and exciting aspects of the outdoors and nature!

st albans nurseryThe floor measures 6m x 4m and characterises an outside stream with fish, bugs, wild grass and flowers hiding amongst logs and wooden bridges.

The floor was printed in sections and then installed secretly at the St Albans Nursery, so that the children would experience the full impact of its splendour.

As you can see the results are stunning and the children are delighted with it exploring every inch of it with their magnifying glasses.

st albans day nurseries
We have heard squeals of excitement as the children have found a ladybird or worm tucked under a stone. They have been tip-toeing across the bridge and holding hands as they cross the bridges and logs.

Monkey Puzzle has always understood the importance of bringing outside learning inside and vice versa for young children and our new flooring designed specifically for our nursery, perfectly embraces that.

And do you know the best part…

…it never rains in our “outside” space!

If you want to find out more about our nurseries in St Albans why not visit their website.