Published On: February 13th, 2024

If you’re considering a career where each day is filled with laughter, growth and the satisfaction of making a difference, working in a nursery could be the perfect job for you. But before you get started, we take a look at the 7 reasons why nursery workers love what they do, helping inspire and guide you towards a fulfilling career. Find out more below.

Why do nursery workers love working with children

It is unsurprising why nursery workers love what they do. Surrounded by an environment of laughter and learning, baby, toddler and preschool workers feel an immense sense of pride knowing that they are creating a meaningful impact on a child’s life.

And if that’s not enough to inspire you, take a look below at all the other reasons why a career as a nursery worker is truly the best.

Influence on early development

First and foremost, nursery workers are drawn to the profound influence they have on a child’s early development. By fostering a nurturing environment, they witness first-hand the transformative impact on children’s social, emotional and cognitive growth.

But the real joy lies in shaping foundational skills, sparking curiosity and building resilient foundations for future learning.

This unique role allows nursery workers to witness the pure wonder of childhood, making a lasting impact on young lives and contributing to the foundation of lifelong learning and development. It offers a real sense of pride!

Joyful atmosphere

Of course, the joyful atmosphere that comes with working in a nursery is another reason so many nursery workers love their jobs. The daily laughter, curiosity and genuine happiness create an environment of unique energy that can’t be found in any other career.

This joy is also very contagious, making every day in the nursery a delightful experience. But in turn, the rewarding feeling of contributing to the happiness and wellbeing of children creates a fulfilling and uplifting atmosphere for all.

Build relationships

Creating a nurturing bond goes beyond traditional education, allowing for a deep understanding of each child’s unique personality and needs. These relationships become the foundation for trust and support, enabling each member of staff to offer effective guidance and encouragement.

But most of all, witnessing the growth and milestones of each child also fosters a sense of fulfilment and purpose for the nursery staff. The joy of being a trusted adult in a child’s life, providing comfort and inspiration, makes nursery work immensely rewarding and builds lasting connections that stay with you forever.


Nursery workers find immense satisfaction in creative play, shaping an environment where children feel empowered to explore, create and develop their imaginative capacities.

It allows nursery workers to explore diverse teaching methods, encouraging imaginative play and unique activities. However, the joy lies in watching children express themselves freely, fostering their unique talents and creative thinking.

Learning through play and creativity allows both children and staff to express themselves freely, making each day dynamic, exciting and hugely fulfilling.

Sense of purpose

Within this role, huge satisfaction comes from being an integral part of shaping a
child’s foundational years, instilling values and nurturing their potential. Each day brings the opportunity to positively impact a child’s life, contributing to their early growth and development.

Most of all, this purpose adds depth to their work, creating a fulfilling career where every interaction, activity and milestone achieved reinforces their dedication to the role.

Learning from children

And while nursery workers are entirely responsible for instilling new knowledge into the children, they too can learn a significant amount in return. In fact, each day unfolds with opportunities for mutual growth and discovery.

Children’s unfiltered curiosity and new perspectives inspire nursery workers, fostering a continuous cycle of learning and teaching between the two. As a result, nursery workers cherish the ability to witness the world through a child’s eyes, gaining fresh perspectives and enriching their own understanding.

Team collaboration

When you take on the role of a nursery worker, you’ll not only actively engage in the development and growth of children, but you’ll become a part of a wider team, where you’ll work collaboratively to create an enriching learning environment.

This involves discussing routines, sharing past experiences, and collaboratively tackling tasks as a team, creating a friendly and cooperative environment. Such teamwork is really important in a child’s development, working together to create a nurturing and collaborative setting where children can learn and grow.

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