Published On: June 7th, 2022

Why are Monkey Puzzle special? Because our vision is at the centre of everything we do, ‘we inspire change through excellence in childcare, creating a positive impact for generations to come’. This is our purpose as a business and is our north star.

For over 15 years, Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries has been working closely with parents, staff, and Ofsted to deliver excellence in childcare, providing children with numerous opportunities to learn, develop and grow within a safe, secure, and caring environment.

Every Monkey Puzzle setting is unique and tells its own magical story, highlighting the importance of early years. Whether it’s dedicated outdoor play areas for each age group, sensory rooms or forest schools, our nurseries cater for every child’s individual needs. We have a network of devoted franchisees who are committed to providing quality childcare and early years education. We also strive to provide impactful roles in all of our nursery settings, providing apprenticeships, training and development as well as career pathways. We are committed to making Monkey Puzzle and Early Years aspirational as a career choice.

Monkey Puzzle inspires excellence in childcare, creating a positive impact for generations to come

Monkey Puzzle is the first UK early years provider to partner with Kide Science, allowing us to offer unique opportunities to our nursery children, getting them excited about how the world around them works, understanding that children are active learners by nature. Imaginative Science play from an early age helps children to be inquisitive and to want to ask questions. Our partnership with Kide Science encourages our children to become active producers of knowledge, helping them grow into problem solvers and creative thinkers that can help build a better future for all.

Our aim is for every child to be happy and healthy enabling them to enjoy their early years at Nursery and for parents to have peace of mind that their children are in excellent hands. We want every child to develop, flourish and enjoy the beginning of their educational journey, and this is exactly what our nursery settings offer.

If you’re asking “Where is the nearest Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery near me?” you can find more information through our nursery search page.

Richard Blunden - Chief Executive

Richard Blunden

CEO – Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries

Richard has been at Monkey Puzzle for over 3 years now, building the team, setting the vision and focussing the business to drive towards our potential with an infinite mindset. He brings a wealth of experience to his leadership role, having worked in and around franchising for over 20 years. Richard has a strong background in accountancy, finance and business management, spending a large part of his career working in the motor trade at the head offices of some of the largest brands in the World. The knowledge and expertise he has are of the highest level and are invaluable in leading Monkey Puzzle into the future.


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