Published On: February 13th, 2024

The day your child has to go to nursery may have come around much sooner than you thought. And you may be feeling very unprepared. While it’s good to plan ahead, we’re here to help you make this time of transition as smooth as possible. Below, we’ve come up with a general list of all the items your child may need to make them feel at ease during the early stages at nursery.

What to Pack for Your Child’s Nursery

From spare clothes for unexpected moments to comfort items, snacks, and crucial details like emergency contacts, discover how strategic packing enhances your child’s preschool daily routine, allowing them to engage fully in activities and play. Find out more below.

Nappies and changing supplies

If your child is using nappies, some nurseries may ask you to supply them yourself. If so, you should pack enough for one day, plus any spares – it’s better to have too many than too little. Of course, this doesn’t apply at Monkey Puzzle, where we provide everything from nappies to wipes and creams.

Comfort items

Your child may wish to bring a special toy or blanket to the nursery for comfort during nap times or when feeling a little nervous. However, you should check with your nursery beforehand as there may be certain policies around it. If your child is asked to leave their comforter behind but you feel that your child cannot go without one, often the nursery will provide a similar alternative for them.

It’s also recommended that you buy a backup identical toy to keep in a safe place should your child lose their favourite one on the way to nursery.

Feeding supplies

While many nurseries will offer your child a range of meals, it’s a good idea to give your child some of their favourite snacks to fuel their playtime. You may also be collecting your child in the afternoon, so you may want to bring a small snack for the journey home.

At Monkey Puzzle, we include all meals, snacks, and drinks throughout the day, and some include milk formula as well.

If you’re breastfeeding, you may want to pack bottles with expressed milk.

And unless your child’s nursery supplies them, you’ll need to send your child off with spill-proof sippy-cups or water bottles for drink times.

Medicinal items

If your child requires prescription medication, you should always pack an adequate supply for the day and inform the nursery about when and how to administer it. To be extra sure, write the instructions on a label and securely attach it to the medicine.

If your child uses an inhaler, an Epipen or anything else, make sure it is clearly labelled and placed in their bag each day. This guarantees that your child’s health needs are communicated effectively and facilitates a smooth process for their care.

Spare clothes

Accidents and messy play are part of the daily routine, and having spare outfits ensures your child remains comfortable and clean throughout the day. Pack extra sets of underwear, socks, tops, and bottoms to cover unexpected spills or messes. Opt for weather-appropriate clothing and consider including a lightweight jacket or jumper. You should also label all items with your child’s name to prevent mix-ups.
H3: Weather-appropriate gear

Weather-appropriate clothes are essential in your child’s nursery bag, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather. Include layers for varying temperatures, like lightweight jackets or jumpers. You should also pack a hat for sunny days and ensure waterproof gear on rainy ones.

Personal items

And finally, you as a parent know your child best, so make sure to pack their bag with any other personal items they may need. This could include any teething toys, gels or powders, as well as sun creams, nappy creams and wipes.

While your child’s caregiver likely has your information, you should include a card with your phone number, email, work address, and your partner’s details in their belongings.

At Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries, we’re here to ensure a smooth transition to nursery life. Contact us today to find out more about how we foster your child’s growth and curiosity, setting the stage for a joyful educational journey.

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