Sri has two children of her own and has a background in accountancy.  She came to Monkey Puzzle Harrow two years ago and feels lucky due to the nurseries flexibility in supporting her with her hours giving her a work life balance. Sri was asked a few questions about her part-time role.

What are the benefits of working part-time?

I get the opportunity to work but also be there for my family.  Through working at Monkey Puzzle Harrow, I have learnt about early years, and this has supported my own children’s learning and development in the early years.

How has Monkey Puzzle been accommodating towards you?

My working hours allow me to collect my children from school and the managers have been supportive if due to unforeseen circumstances I need to take time off. 

What would your advice be for someone returning to work?

Due to our current economy, it is important for both parents to work but it is vital to work for a company that is supportive and understands your family situation, especially when you have young children.

What do you enjoy about working at Monkey Puzzle Harrow?

I enjoy that every day is different, and I get to interact with many different personalities.  I also find the managers are encouraging and helpful, they always seem to be able to identify staff members strengths.  Only since working at Monkey Puzzle I have found I have creative skills, and this has been recognised by the managers.  I am also about to complete my level 3 in early years, and this would not have been possible without the support of the managers and my mentor.