About Me

I started with Monkey Puzzle in 2017 after leaving college and I was looking for an apprenticeship. Monkey Puzzle has given me the chance to gain both my Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications in a hands-on and welcoming environment. The setting taught me all the skills that I need to be a confident Nursery Practitioner. I have been given lots of training including Safeguarding, FGM, Food Hygiene and many others which has all supported me to understand how to look after children safely.

When I first started as an apprentice, I had the opportunity to experience different age groups to give me have a good understanding of all the children in our nursery and to help me with my coursework. If I was ever stuck or needed a hand, management would always offer to help with anything I may not of understood. When I first started at the nursery I was very quiet and didn’t have a lot of confidence, however slowly after a few months and lots of encouragement I became very happy with who I was slowly becoming and came out of my shell which has been amazing. I now have a lot more confidence and am happy to help anyone who may need it. This is all thanks to the support of my colleagues, mentor, tutor, and management. It all feels like being part of a great big family.

When I felt like I needed a change in my career I spoke to the regional manager and director and they suggested a change in setting. I jumped at the chance as Monkey Puzzle has always felt like a very safe place and would offer me new challenges and enable me to learn new skills and training. I now have a little bit more responsibility as Acting Room Leader when my senior completes her deputy management roles. I’ve learnt I can step up and offer support to the other people in my room and support the room leader in making sure everything still runs smoothly which enables her to feel confident leaving the room in my care. Monkey Puzzle is a very happy and welcoming place that I am so lucky to still be involved with.