Why nutrition is important consideration for early years?

Our team at Monkey Puzzle Bromley are extremely passionate about providing the very best care for our children and families. With children’s well-being, health, and happiness at the centre of our ethos, we believe that providing the very best nutrition is key to ensuring that children have sufficient energy and capacity to engage within their learning and development. 

How is nutrition considered within the menu you build? How does this pan out over the day with breakfast / snacks / lunch etc? 

The early years of a child’s life forms a vital part of children’s ongoing development and nutrition plays a crucial role in this. As the menus become formulated, we create many more of our tasty treats and delicious delicacies. We place our chef hats to one side and seek our calculators to accommodate the nutritional needs of each menu plan as well as each meal! Fruits and vegetables prove endless with further new types added from our parents’ suggestions for the children to try and a morning snack added to ensure that there is a wide range of foods providing plenty of added energy at regular intervals. 

How do you get children to try new things? 

We believe in encouraging the children to be involved and given regular choices about the food they eat. The team create socially enjoyable time and enjoy meals with the children, using these times within a home from home environment to discuss the children’s days and what they’ve enjoyed, as well as the “Superworm carrots” and “Hulk broccoli” which they are trying for the first time! 

We are also developing a new garden area, introducing a range of salad, vegetables, and herbs for the children to participate in planting and helping to grow. Being involved in the growing of the foods the children will eventually eat helps to increase the children’s level of curiosity, adventure to try new items and recognise the ground to plate process!