What is your name and job role? 

My name is Lucy Abraham, and I am the Franchise Development Manager at Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries.  

What are the benefits of your part time work schedule? 

You can really have the best of both worlds! Working part time allows the flexibility of home and work life, being able to spend a little more time with my children and still being able to do the job I love, in a sector I am passionate about. Not only am I able to work a part time schedule, I am also given the option to work remotely on those days that are needed. I was given the option to choose the schedule that is beneficial to both myself and Monkey Puzzle, which allowed me to alter the days I work around me and my life.  

How does Monkey Puzzle help support your work life balance? 

Monkey Puzzle understands that for parents, not every day is the same, sometimes things need to be juggled round and they have always accommodated this and been supportive. There have been times where I was due to work from the office, however these plans changed last minute as my little one was unwell. Monkey Puzzle has a good understanding of what it’s like to be working parents as the business is very family orientated. 

What would be your advice to someone returning to work after having a child? 

Take it slow, take it at the pace that suits you as a person and potentially think about starting part time before jumping back in as full time. Enjoy having the best of both worlds. Be kind to yourself and understand your life has changed – give yourself a break, it will be different as it was before you left. Always reach out to your employer for support if things are becoming too overwhelming.

You’ve got this!