My name is Kerri Dawson, and I am a level 3 Early Years Apprentice.

How did you find the Apprenticeship Scheme process?

I found the apprenticeship scheme with help from the Monkey Puzzle nursery, based in Enfield, who arranged for me to have 1:1 training.

How do you get supported at Monkey Puzzle to develop and progress your career?

Monkey puzzle have helped provide training such as child protection and first aid, they have also arranged for me to do online training which has lots of information and quizzes your knowledge to ensure you understand. Monkey puzzle has helped me develop and make lots of progress – helping me gain lots of important knowledge.

What fills your heart with happiness about your role?

There are lots of things that fills my heart with happiness about my role!

These include:

  • Monkey puzzle is one big family and everyone is willing to help and work together
  • Watching children develop and learn new things,
  • A happy and friendly environment – everyone is welcoming and always got a smile on their faces which makes it a pleasure to work in,
  • I have felt incredibly supported in achieving what I have achieved so far.

What is your potential next step?

My next step is to complete my Apprenticeship and become Level 3 Qualified in Early Years.

What would you say to anyone looking to become an Early Years apprentice?

I would highly recommend becoming an early years apprentice to anyone as the role is useful because you gain knowledge and experience all at the same time.