What is your current work schedule?

My name is Katherine and I am the Nursery Manager at Monkey Puzzle Loughton. I currently work Monday to Friday, doing 40 hours per week.

How does Monkey Puzzle support you with flexible working?

Monkey Puzzle are amazing. They are really helpful and flexible with my needs of being a mummy. I am able to work longer hours if needed and work shorter days to accommodate to mine and my child’s needs. My manager is really understanding and supportive. Monkey Puzzle are a very family-orientated company and understand that sometimes life doesn’t always go the way you would hope for and last-minute changes need to be made.

How does flexible working help you maintain a healthy work life balance?

I really feel that I am able to be a mummy. My diary is my gift as a manager, providing I work the hours I should have. Flexible working also allows me to work remotely should it be needed. I can attend meetings while at home should my little one be unwell, and I can’t get into the nursery. As previously said, working on a flexible schedule allows me to fit my other commitments and activities around my work and ensure I am getting a healthy balance.

How has Monkey Puzzle supported your return to work after having a child?

My manager is so caring and will check in on a weekly basis to check if I’m okay. If there is anything at all I need from her, I know I can just ask. She is so supportive if I need anything or need to change something for my child.