About me

I started my career at Monkey Puzzle 3 years ago and from the first moment the support and experience were tremendous! I started as an apprentice in 2019 with very little knowledge of childcare due to my previous career path in business.

From the first moment of my apprenticeship I was encouraged and supported to complete. During my apprenticeship I went through a distressing time with my family, the support and love of the team was so overwhelming and really helped me strive forward. I qualified as a level 3 practitioner in 2020 and was offered to show off my skills and further my knowledge in a position as acting Room Leader, from this moment forward I was keen to be an official Room Leader.

I tried really hard to exceed expectation and was always praised by the team. In 2021 I was made official Room Leader of preschool, I was so pleased and love my job role. I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without the help, support and guidance from Monkey Puzzle.