Anjana has two children of her own and has been working in the catering department of Ikea for the last 10 years. She recently decided she wanted to something around children as that is what she enjoys.  She enrolled at an early year’s agency and after the first day was snapped up by Monkey Puzzle Harrow. Anjana was asked a few questions about her present role:

What made you change careers?

I decided it was now or never into taking a leap into something I want to do. I was worried that my age may not be on my side, but I have been lucky as my age has not limited me in doing anything in the present role and on the contrary, I feel that my experience of my own children makes the role easier.

What excites you about your present role?

I love being around children and spending time with them – seeing them grow and develop in their own ways.  It is the best feeling in the world when you open the door to a child, and they smile back at you. To make a difference in a child’s life is amazing.  I now have my own Key children and I am learning about the importance of the role and about having a positive parent partnership.

How do you feel Monkey Puzzle Harrow supports you?

The staff at Monkey Puzzle Harrow have really been welcoming and supportive in teaching me about the role.  Everyone is approachable and kind. The management have an open-door policy and have encouraged me to start my Early Year Practitioner level 3.  I feel like there is so much to learn but the team is at harrow are so positive and any question is seen as good thing.