What is your name and role?

My name is Aarti, and I am Deputy Manager at Monkey Puzzle.

What fills your heart with happiness about your role?

Knowing that the children and staff are happy, engaged and developing whilst they are at nursery and knowing I can support them with the knowledge and experience I have gained in my childcare career. And continuously learning through the job!

How did you get your career started?

I started my career at 18 years old after realising my passion for childcare through caring for my younger cousins and my family would say I had a great way with children. I soon realised after starting my childcare journey that children are our future leaders and we, as Early Years Educators are paving the way for them by helping to develop their early learning.

How do you get supported at Monkey Puzzle to develop and progress your career?

My manager has supported me in progressing since I started in January 2022. She has booked me on various trainings (such as SEND and DSL) and we both feel this would develop my journey further. I am look forward to developing my journey in childcare.

What’s your potential next step?

My next step would be to be manager and I plan to achieve this by the end of 2022.

What would you say to anyone with a choice of early years childcare as a possible career path?

It’s not an easy job but with a little patience and dedication and you will be entirely fulfilled with a career in childcare.