Published On: July 26th, 2022

A great partnership between parents and their chosen childcare is like rocket fuel for a child’s development!

At Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries, we have seen the benefits of building effective parent partnerships, leading to children thriving in our nurseries and beyond. Here are some of the ways that we invest in great parent partnerships.

Key Person

Every child is given a dedicated adult who will work closely with them and their parents/guardians to best understand their needs and seek ways to support and develop the child. They will be the main point of contact for the parents. Time is dedicated each day for the key person to speak with the parent and share those special things they have seen or noticed throughout the day. As your child progresses through the age groups at the nursery, they will be assigned the best key person for them at that time.  

The Monkey Puzzle App

We have our Monkey Puzzle app, available on iTunes and PlayStore, where parents and the nursery can share information and updates throughout the child’s day, whether at nursery or at home. We love the way the app builds a connection around the child. The app gives us the ability to share photos, videos and comments and even have a private message conversation with you about your little one. With every post or message there is an investment in the partnership around a child, and we look forward to seeing what you share with us about your child’s time away from nursery.

Nursery Events

Our nurseries have a schedule of fun and engaging events that parents can access as suits them. These range from cultural celebrations, information evenings, and talks from team members or trusted partners on supporting your child’s milestones such as toilet training, sleep routines, weaning, and more. These events provoke conversation and create alignment around how we can all play a part in supporting a great outcome for the child. Of course, there is never the need to wait for an event to ask a question about any of your child’s developmental milestones, and your child’s key person is knowledgeable and available for you.

Cultural Capital

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) there is a feature called Cultural Capital which aims to bring focus and attention to the world immediately around your child, understanding and embracing features that are unique to them or common throughout the community the nursery is in. Their journey to and from nursery, how they get into their home, the view, the sights, the foods, and the smells are the types of richness that we look to understand and introduce to the nursery. These make a real difference to your child’s development and to that of their friends at the nursery too.

These are the cornerstones of our approach, and there is so much space for creativity and tailoring an approach that works best for you and your family. If that means taking an extra few minutes during a handover, or arranging to collect at times that allows you to meet with your child’s key person to ask questions, share your thoughts, or just simply to strengthen the bond it is all time well spent.

Like any partnership, success is born from great communication from all involved. Our aim at Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries is to provide ways to communicate and engage with parents, ensuring there is a way that suits you, your family, and the rhythm and pace of life best.

Stuart Graham

Stuart Graham

Operations Director – Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries

Stuart has been operating childcare nurseries for a number of years, having forged great relationships within the sector with the representative bodies, other childcare providers both large and small, and with suppliers.  Not only does he work to progress Monkey Puzzle Nurseries, but strives to improve the sector for the benefit of everyone. Anyone who meets Stuart will quickly realise how passionate he is about his work, and that he is driven to empower, enable and encourage people to achieve great things.

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