Making Paper Snowflakes

With Jack Frost nipping at our toes and leaving lacy patterns on window panes, thoughts have well and truly turned to Christmas, and how we all decorate our houses for the festive season. These paper snowflakes provide a great festive embellishment for anywhere in the house. Attach them to window panes with blue tack or, if your pattern allows for it, make a wreath by tying them together with string through one of the holes at the side and hanging them up.

All you need is a pair of scissors, a square piece of paper and a crafty mind. The best way with this is to make up your own design.

Top tip

If you’re starting with an A4 piece of paper or a rectangular shape, make a square by folding one corner down to form a triangle and cutting off the excess paper.

Step one

Begin with your square piece of paper and fold it in half diagonally to make a triangle.

Step two

Fold the triangle in half from the top corner to the bottom one, making a smaller triangle.

Step three

Fold the triangle into three, from left to right as shown here. Try to get these sections as even as possible.

Step four

Cut across your paper to create a straight edged triangle.

Step five

Now’s the time to get creative and give your snowflake a pattern. Cut some straight and/or curvy lines into the edges of your paper – these can be different sizes and shapes but be careful not to chop right across the paper or you’ll end up with a much smaller snowflake.

Step six

The reveal. Gently unfold your paper to reveal your snowflake and your unique design.