Published On: November 1st, 2022

It’s nearly Christmas and it’s the perfect time to let Santa Claus know what you would like for Christmas and write him a letter with your Christmas wishlist.

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It’s really important to let Santa know who you are and what you would like for Christmas to help make sure he delivers what you would like. Try using our easy template to make sure he knows all of the details to help him get it right. Impress him even more by colouring it in beautifully before you send it off.

What you need for your Letter to Santa

  • Letter to Santa template
  • Ideas for your Christmas list
  • Pencils or crayons

How to make your Mother’s Day card

  1. Print the Letter to Santa template.
  2. Think carefully about what you would like for Christmas.
  3. Fill out the spaces so Santa knows your name, age and where to deliver your presents to.
  4. Add in your Christmas list.
  5. Colour in Santa and Rudolph beautifully.
  6. Find a parent to help send off your letter to make sure it arrives with Santa in time for Christmas.

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