Published On: August 16th, 2022

Science plays a key role in a child’s cognitive and social development. Exploring science in early education promotes independent thinking, problem solving, resilience, and much more. Science allows children to explore and understand the world around them in fun, exciting and engaging ways.

At Monkey Puzzle we have partnered with Kide Science to provide children with awe inspiring activities and experiments. We understand that children are active learners and believe that providing inspirational science play encourages children to be inquisitive, solve problems and think creatively.

Kide Science offers a unique learning experience by providing activities and experiments centred in the world of stories. The stories provide exciting narratives and characters so children can easily follow along. Using stories with science adds an extra layer to experiences and supports children to retain what they have learned.

There are numerous resources available, covering a range of topics of interest. Kide Science enables educators to implement activities and experiments that complement these interests and help extend and solidify learning. Monkey Puzzle team members can observe their key children and provide learning experiences tailored to them. By using Kide Science, children can get the most out of their experiences at Nursery and enjoy learning in ways that benefit their needs and interests.

For example, if a child is interested in Rainbows there is a fantastic science story for this called Making Rainbows. In Making Rainbows, Kelvin spots a rainbow in the sky, but then it disappears! It is up to us to create our own rainbows, in various ways, to help Kelvin see a rainbow again. Whilst following the story, children will gain knowledge about Rainbows, explore resources, and test out their ideas.

If you would like to find out more about how we use Kide Science at Monkey Puzzle, please do speak with a team member, who will happily talk you through our sensational science experiences. 

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