Published On: December 13th, 2022

Christmas is a time to spend more time with your families. What better way than to make your own decorations together? Try making our fantastic Gingerbread Cardboard Decorations! Easy to do and made with things from around the house, they’re a perfect activity to make with the family.

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What you need for your Gingerbread Decorations

  • Cardboard boxes or sheets (brown works best)
  • Scissors
  • Paints, pens or colouring pencils
Gingerbread Cardboard Decorations - Step 1

1. Gather your supplies for creating your gingerbread decorations. Be careful with your scissors and find an adult to help.

Gingerbread Cardboard Decorations - Step 2

2. Carefully draw your gingerbread shapes before cutting them out. Poke a small hole near the top so you can hang them with string.

Gingerbread Cardboard Decorations - Step 3

3.  Decorate your gingerbread men. Use your paints or pens to draw your patterns. When you’re finished, use some string or ribbon to hang them on your tree.

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