Published On: October 16th, 2022

At Monkey Puzzle, we inspire change through excellence in childcare, creating a positive impact for generations to come. One of the keyways we are able to embody this is via innovative training and development content, packages, opportunities, and methods supporting you on your individual learning journey.

  • Self-doubt
  • Hard work
  • I’m just a number
  • Too  much has changed
  • It’s only young people that work in Early Years
  • I have an idea, but it won’t be heard
  • There’s no room for progression
  • Self-growth
  • Incredible achievements
  • I am a valued employee
  • I’ve learned huge amounts
  • There’s such a diverse workforce
  • Collaborative innovate ideas yield results
  • Once a Nursery Apprentice, now a Nursery Manager

Sound like something you wish you could say? With Monkey Puzzle you can!

As Monkey Puzzle’s Training and Development Lead, I can assure you that the feeling of pride, achievement, growth, and inspiration of change whether you’ve only just discovered your path in Early Years or returning to the sector, can be yours for the taking.

Returning to a sector or joining when you feel you may be less experienced or possibly more mature than the remainder of the team can be extremely daunting, but with our fantastic support and terrific training programmes in place, there’s no need for it to be.

From our robust induction process covering the must-knows for all nursery staff, to Microsoft Office training packages for the less tech savvy, Special Educational Needs and even Forecasts and Budgets for the not so room focused roles, each learning journey is unique and one that deserves to be supported.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Our support is carefully crafted for your individual training and development needs and your progression path by combining data analytics, resources alongside the feedback from our wonderful Early Years Team providing you with the skills and knowledge to make a positive impact. With first-hand experience of day-to-day nursery circumstances alongside excellent training and having boots on the ground, they are fundamental in ensuring that our training and development offering continues to evolve, allowing you to provide excellent childcare and indulge in self-growth.

Since joining Monkey Puzzle just short of 2 years ago, our training offering has grown spectacularly from less than a mere 10 courses to over 1,400 and still growing. I have also witnessed over 200 staff members successfully complete their Monkey Puzzle funded accredited qualification, that’s a 100% pass rate!

Come change the world.

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