Published On: November 30th, 2022

At Christmas, families around the world hang wreaths on their doors. Traditionally made from items from nature, Monkey Puzzle have a great way of making a simple wreath with your children, ready to decorate for Christmas.

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Our activity for making a Christmas Wreath is simple and fun. You don’t need to do much preparation to have a go and create your own wreath, perfect for hanging on the front door of anyone’s home.

What you need for your Christmas Wreath

  • Leaves collected from outside. Choose the carefully for their colours and patterns and try to avoid pulling leaves that are still on trees and bushes
  • A cardboard circle with the centre cut out in the shape of a large O.
  • Glue stick or PVA
  • Hole puncher or scissors
  • Ribbon
Christmas Leaf Wreath - Step 1

1. Prepare and hole punch or use your scissors to cut your leaves ready to glue them onto your wreath. This should give you lots of shapes to add to your wreath.

Christmas Leaf Wreath - Step 2

2. Add glue to the cardboard circle and start sticking you leaf shapes. Try to mix your patterns and colours to create variety in your wreath.

Christmas Leaf Wreath - Step 3

3. Glue your leaf shapes until the whole circle is finished and you can’t see any of the cardboard O underneath.

Christmas Leaf Wreath - Step 4

4. Tie your ribbon into a bow and glue it to the bottom of your wreath and it is ready to hang and decorate your home.

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