Published On: June 5th, 2022

The childcare sector offers a whole wealth of career opportunities. I’ve seen apprentices become managers, leaders deliver outstanding nurseries and individuals use the interests and passions they have to take on roles supporting the sector using their childcare qualifications. It is not a given that you enter early years to take one route, there are so many further roles that are available.

I decided at a young age I wanted to be a part of the childcare sector. The reward of helping a child learn a new skill, seeing a baby conquer the challenge of walking, talking and figuring out how to make things work, and knowing that those parents entrust the most precious thing in their world to you was the hook for me.

I started as a student, at the tender age of 14, and holding various roles between then and now, it is a career I am so proud of. With that passion still in my tummy, many years on, I also love to train and develop others to make that positive impact, giving children and families an early years environment where each child can thrive.

A career you can grow for life

It is a fantastic sector for long term career paths. A practitioner’s milestones can be vast, gaining a level 2, 3, 4 or as high as you want to go. Becoming a room leader, third in charge, Deputy Manager and Nursery Manager within the nursery. Early years practitioners can go on to become Early Years Quality Managers, become the franchisee of their own nursery or take on support roles such as SEND coordinators and curriculum support. Your skills can also be used to support the Early Years business, marketing, HR and many more.

There are a variety of routes into the sector. Level 2 & 3 may be undertaken at college, university routes include Early Years Degrees and Qualified Teaching Status. We recognize that apprenticeships have continued to grow in popularity, and now in a tough economy, many will choose to earn a wage and study at the same time.

At Monkey Puzzle we deliver level 2 and level 3 qualifications to those who are employed by us on a permanent basis, allowing the people undertaking the course the ability to earn a full-time wage whilst they complete their on the job studies. Our fantastic partnership with WMC means that a tutor will meet you at nursery or virtually, preventing the need for classroom-based learning for those who prefer not to take that route. This form of apprenticeship now attracts a wider scope of people, it is ideal for those changing sectors and returning to work also. We work closely with WMC to bring you this course at no cost to you.

I love Early Years, every day is different because every child and family need something different from us. My career started as a student, I gained experience and qualifications and now have the privilege of holding the position of Head of Operations at Monkey Puzzle. Why? Because we can make a positive impact for generations to come.

Take a look at our Apprenticeship page for some case studies and more information around the exciting careers here at Monkey Puzzle.

Gemma Nance - Head of Operations

Gemma Nance

Head of Operations

Gemma is our Head of Operations at Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries and brings a wealth of experience from working for some of the largest nursery care providers in the UK. With a background in Early Years Education, Gemma leads our Monkey Puzzle Operations Quality Team, ensuring our nurseries continue to provide the excellent early years care that they do and helping them to progress and develop even further. 


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