A History of Pre School Education in the UK

Pre schoolWe all take pre schools or nurseries for granted in this day and age. Without them the wheels of the economy would have the brakes applied dramatically so their worth must not be under estimated.

So where did it all begin?

Well, the nursery school movement began in the 19th century alongside the growth of the Industrial Revolution and the number of new factories that opened because of it.

Mothers were expected to work, often long hours, and this caused neglect for the younger children in the family and care was sought for them. This resulted in the first nursery school opening in 1816, providing care and education for the young children of cotton mill workers, but these institutions were privately run.

Mandatory education for children of 5 and over was introduced in 1870, however children who experienced poor living conditions, were often allowed to attend. This “unofficial” policy was  ended by the Board of Education in 1905 when the recommendation for separate facilities for children under 5’s.

In the last 25 years there has been a notable increase in demand for places for pre school provision caused by changes in society, with an increase in dual income families, single parents, teen parents and a drop in the availability of extended family help for geographical reasons.

But one thing is for sure, early childhood education programmes offer many benefits for society, with evidence that it promotes a drop in delinquency, welfare dependance and later educational drop out rates.

All in all a good pre school childcare provider, will definitely have a beneficial effect on you and your child, Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries guarantee that!