Wilmslow On Top Of The World!

Snowdon Climbers Staff from Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery in Wilmslow are celebrating after their conquering of Mount Snowdon hopes to raise £1000 for their local charity branch of Millie’s Trust.

The day began with a less than favourable weather forecast of high winds and heavy showers, but that was not enough to deter the ten members of staff from the day nursery in Wilmslow from setting off to conquer Mount Snowdon.

They didn’t have to worry though as the weather remained dry all day, although quite gusty at times.

The team led by nursery owner Liz Butterworth’s husband Simon made it to the summit via the Pyg track, with Deputy Manager Katie arriving at the summit first in an impressive time of 2 hours and 15 minutes, shortly followed by the rest of the team.

Commenting on their success, Liz said, “We were a little concerned about the weather forecast, but whatever bad weather was predicted decided to stay away allowing us to successfully scale Snowdon and the views from the top were incredible!”

“We have currently raised £800 for Millie’s trust, but hope to increase that to around £1000 once the fund raising has completed.”

Millie’s Trust was set up 2 year’s ago to raise awareness and offer first aid training to all, following the loss of founders, Joanne and Dan Thompson’s daughter, Millie after a choking incident at the nursery attended in October 2012.

Liz, Simon and the rest of the team we are so proud of you!

If you want more information on the Wilmslow Monkey Puzzle or any of our nationwide sites visit the locations page.

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