Wilmslow Joins Forces With Waterstones.

As we move further into the 21st Century, technology continues to move on a pace, replacing more traditional forms of children’s entertainment and learning. While in essence this is not such a bad thing, it is important to remember and promote those traditional forms that have been with us for centuries.

One such method, of course, is reading.

Although Kindles and iPads have entered the arena, is there any comparison between holding a tablet and a real tactile book?

One of Monkey Puzzle’s Day Nursery network, Wilmslow, are doing just that by joining forces with their local branch of Waterstones bookshop to promote their own “Storytime” event.

A group of the nursery’s children and staff will visit the bookshop where the staff will read from a selection of books. The event will also be open to the general public, so a healthy attendance is expected.

The first “Storytime” event will be at 10am on 7th October and remember you don’t have to attend Monkey Puzzle in Wilmslow, everyone is welcome.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Wilmslow day nursery, take a look here.