Helpful Tips For Potty Training

You may have seen a news item this week focusing on an increase in the amount of children not being toilet trained before they start school. In fact almost two thirds  of primary school staff in a recent poll, said they had seen an increase in youngsters having “accidents” while attending school, over the past 5 years.

With this in mind I thought I would show a few basic steps to help with what can be a very frustrating time for parents.

The first thing to do is relax!

You will succeed but it is best to approach things in a calm manner. Follow these 5 tried and tested tips and you’ll have them trained in no time!

Ensure your child is comfortable with the idea of potty training. Introduce the potty chair early when you begin to detect your child is showing signs of readiness. Show them how it works, making it personable for them. When you first introduce it, have it wrapped as a present, buy some of their favourite stickers so they can decorate it.

Next introduce them to other tools of the trade! Training pants, wipes, washing hands at the bathroom sink before he they start using it.

Remain both positive and patient. Remember potty training can take time and inevitably there will be setbacks. But here’s the trick, children thrive on positive reinforcement. Praise and rewards will help them to feel more comfortable with the new skills they are developing and instil a sense of pride at their achievement.

Consistency. Remember once your child is out of nappies they stay out of nappies! If you weaken and occasionally switch back, it will break the cycle and you will be back to square one.

Take everything with you. If you are visiting friends, taking a weekend break or even going on holiday don’t forget your supplies. Also take an adaptor seat and a book so they can enjoy toilet time, remember Dad taking the paper to the hallowed throne!

The NHS has a more detailed list of potty training tips that will help you get it right. Be prepared and you will be surprised how easy it can be!