Highbury Monkey Puzzle Islington Parents Go Back To School!

Parents of children attending Highbury Monkey Puzzle Islington this week went back to school, in a specially organised participative curriculum evening at their children’s nursery.

Anthony Kent, Operations Manager & qualified Early Years Teacher, explained.

“The objective of our EYFS Curriculum Evenings is to offer our parents and families the opportunity to visit the nursery and embark on a voyage of discovery into the life of their children at nursery.

We invited them to join us on an interactive tour of the environment, where they were encouraged to get their hands dirty and try a range of activities and ideas that we share with the children to help them learn through play.

Whilst they enjoy the fun and informative activities around each classroom, our professional team of teachers and practitioners share ideas about how to extend learning, develop speech and language and link ‘easy to use’ ideas with the key areas of the curriculum.

The event is designed to develop parent partnerships, sharing our teacher’s expertise to educate them about the way we teach and assess children’s progress in early years. It also serves to highlight the importance of home learning to further enhance their child’s education, providing some key knowledge of the EYFS curriculum. We share with them some strategies used to engage with each unique child’s interests and learning needs and provided some home learning packs to further bridge the gap between home and nursery life.”

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In the Discoverers room parents tried their hands at messy play, with shaving foam, glitter jelly, sand pits and water trays, whilst our baby room team explained how these types of sensory play help to develop young babies senses and dexterity. The highlight was singing from four fathers, a joint rendition of ‘three little ducks’ around the water tray.

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The Explorers room had paint printing, counting games and shape constructions, parents were encouraged to discuss behaviour management strategies for 2 year olds, along with the importance of daily routines and visual resources to develop communication. The reading area showcased a range of books both traditional favourites like the Gruffalo, to follow their recent theatre trip; and books to support transitions such as new babies, room moves and kind hands.

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Our Inventors room demonstrated the impact of ICT in early years with our ‘augmented reality’ story books displayed on our SMARTboard. We also shared ideas to develop mathematics and literacy, with rhyming games and easy phonics games.

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The Pre-School room was transformed to a working science lab with this months topic, where we explained how to explore science using household items with young children at home.

Joy Wood, Nursery Manager summarised the experience, “ This was a wonderful experience for our parents, and with polite inhibitions swept away, our team really got to know their parents so much better. Most importantly though, our parents have a far greater understanding of our educational activities, and how we can best work together, for the benefit of our children. We also had great fun, with lots of laughter and learning.”

Highbury Monkey Puzzle Islington opened in December 2013 and achieved an Outstanding in all areas in their first Ofsted inspection in June 2014.

For more information on this outstanding day nursery visit their website.

Monkey Puzzle Highbury Leading The Way

Our Ofsted Outstanding nursery in Highbury have had their success recognised after Capita Conferences have invited Nursery Manager, Joy Wood and Operations Manager Anthony Kent to lead a session at an Early Years Inspection Conference to be held in Central London this October.

Since their opening less than two years ago, the core of their strategy was building strong relationships with parents so they are able to assist in their children’s learning outcomes while also ensuring they understand the common inspection framework and the importance of their role in the early years setting inspection success.

Capita Conferences made their decision to offer an invitation after looking at feedback from parents whose children attend the Islington day nursery, they were particularly impressed by the “overwhelming support and praise by the parents of the learners that attend” and Ofsted reporting that “parents are fully informed of their child’s progress and have access to their own child’s learning journal through using a secure online system.”

The learning journals offered by the nursery has been a particular success and something we believe all our nurseries will benefit from should they choose to adopt the software.

The conference, which will be held on 21 October, will be attended by all early years providers on the childcare register, local authorities and private voluntary organisations.

Joy, who will be leading the conference session, commented, “We are very happy to share our experience and strategies and highlight the importance of working with parents to enable the success of the nursery and their children’s early years education, the two go hand in hand.”

So we want to wish both Joy and Anthony every success on the day and well done to all the management and staff for being recognised as innovative, childcare provision leaders.