Nursery Staff Told To Sleep At Work During Olympic Games.

Olympics logoIt is obvious that with London hosting the World’s biggest sporting event, that there will be disruption to everyday life in our capital city.

Millions of people will descend on London whether to attend a sporting event or simply enjoy the atmosphere of what promises to be a historic event.

Because of this nurseries have been told to provide camp beds so staff can can sleep over to ensure a service for working parents. Managers have warned that nurseries will be forced to close if childcare staff are late for work.

Measures are already being taken to limit disruption with nurseries stockpiling nappies, ordering food to be delivered during the night and preparing to sleep at work to cope with the predicted traffic chaos.

Importantly there is also a call for Ofsted to temporarily relax staff to child ratios, current rules state that nurseries have one member of staff for every 3 children under the age of 2. Chief Executive of the London Early Years Foundation, June O’Sullivan said, “We will write to Ofsted saying they might need to be understanding that there may be unplanned situations where we are not in ratio.” she added “Life isn’t always neat and simple. Nobody wants to do anything that will make things unsafe for children.”

Neighbouring nursery franchises have already started pairing up so that if one does not have enough staff to open, children can go to the other one.

This may sound like drastic measures, but shouldn’t affected nurseries do what is needed to ensure childcare provision is continuous? This is a hard one and I’m sure nursery staff will have their own thoughts on the matter!

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