We are passionate about taking care of your Pre-Schoolers

Children begin their pre-school journey at the age of three, and we are trained and qualified to support their education all the way to them joining school. All children’s development at the nursery is underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage which is the framework that your child will be assessed under in their first year at school. At our nursery we have done so by carefully weaving this into your child’s play each and every day.

As a stepping stone towards their school experience your child will be one of eight children assigned to an educator each day, their key person who will be their advocate and your main point of contact for your child’s care and development.

Pre-school children experience rooms that enable holistic play, where the children themselves create fun scenarios and activities that likely require the writing of lists, the creation of props, assigning of roles, counting and estimating, with stacks of talking and lots of movement. The sounds of pre-school children learning through play are magical! Our educators facilitate this play, through asking questions, prompting reflection and supporting problem solving.