Parents Guide To Preschool Nutrition

A recent BBC news story on obesity, suggested that future projections on obesity were wholly underestimated and that the actual figure could reach 50% of the population by 2050. With this potential epidemic on the horizon it is important to tackle the issue and where better to begin than toddlers at preschool.

The importance of preschool nutrition has been embraced by the majority of day nursery operators, with many offering healthy, lower fat and tasty meals, which enables toddlers to enjoy a healthy diet.

Experts suggest that children should eat a diet similar to the rest of the family and that they should consume three meals a day with a further 2 snacks in between

A growing child needs the right amount of vitamins and nutrients to ensure they develop fully and reach their potential. Getting this right at an early age will have a positive effect on how they develop socially, physically and emotionally and will give them a far better chance of avoiding obesity at a later age.

We all know the food “culprits” that can have an adverse affect, but you do not have to cut them out totally, just remember to treat them as treats and not staples.

At Monkey Puzzle we devote a lot of time to planning our daily meals and menus, with the intention to provide wholesome, flavoursome varied meals. we also take the opportunity to carefully conceive recipes that encourage a diverse palette of tastes, while also teaching about the different food groups and origins of ingredients.

Preschool Nutrition – What To Look For

The only way to get peace of mind that your nursery of choice is providing healthy, nutritious meals is this simple two step approach.

ASK – When you visit a prospective nursery go prepared with a series of questions. Ask to see the menu and let the nursery manager explain how nutritionally balanced they consider it. Also ask them how the meals are prepared and where the ingredients are sourced from to ensure that it is not only nutritious but as fresh as possible.

VISIT – If you have any concerns about your child’s dietary habits arrange a time to visit the nursery at meal times. Ideally take your child with you so that they can see the other children eating the meals and you will also see how the nursery staff organise meal times and their approach to cleanliness.

As I have already said  most nurseries provide excellent nutritious meals, but the purpose of this post is not to take it for granted and do your own due diligence to ensure your child gets the necessary nutrition to develop as they grow.

If you have any questions regarding the meals we provide at Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries then get in touch!