World Giraffe Day

Throughout this week Toddlers have been celebrating lots of different events.
For ‘World Giraffe Day’, the children coloured in their own giraffe pictures and we read the book ‘Giraffes can’t dance’, we then made our own music using pots and pans to celebrate ‘Make Music Day’. The children experimented with making different sounds with a wooden spoon and a plastic spatula, we had lots of noisy fun!

We then enjoyed a ‘Construction for International Women in Engineering Day’. The children drew their own designs of what they wanted to build with the bricks and blocks and then built things in the garden using the octo-clicks and the big wooden blocks and cardboard boxes, Duplo and stickle bricks when they came inside.

After being so busy all week we still had time to take part in National Handwriting Day where we all tried our hardest to copy the letters of the alphabet and numbers using our special handwriting pens.
We have had a very lovely and busy week doing all these activities and can’t wait to see what has been planned for us for next week!