Monkey Puzzle Have Fun Raising Money For Children In Need

It really is the one day of the year all of our nurseries look forward to! All the nurseries take part with children and the staff going to great lengths to ensure a fun filled day while also raising as much money as possible.

Of course we’re talking about Children in Need!

This year there was a lot of focus on baking. With the rise in popularity of The Great British Bakeoff we thought it would be a good idea to let the children show off their baking skills and create some yummy creamy cakes.

There was a slight hitch when the children realised that the cakes were being made to sell to raise money for Children in Need and not to be eaten! Although there was a bit of secret spoon licking when the staff’s back was turned!

However not all the cakes were sold to make money, oh no…

Some were used to splat the faces of the staff if a donation was made. You would not have believed how big the queue was! You can pop over to

Monkey Puzzle Cheltenham’s Facebook page and take a look at the photos of the cake and cream covered smiling faces of the staff, I think they enjoyed it…

But it wasn’t just the children that had fun raising money.

On the big day itself we had a group training day at Monkey Puzzle Towers,  and head office decided to allow those attending the chance to wear their pyjamas in exchange for a donation.

The offer was to good to miss as the majority saw the benefits of being able to have an extra lie-in that morning, just rolling out of bed and heading in for training!

So we want to give a big thank you to all those children, parents and staff who took part and managed to raise a healthy sum for this wonderful charity.

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