Measles Precautions for Day Nurseries

With emergency vaccinations being administered after the measles outbreak in South Wales, what precautions should day nurseries take were an outbreak to occur in your area?

Well first parents, carers and communities are being advised to ensure that children are having the MMR jab to prevent further spread.

If nursery staff suspect a case of the measles infection, they should isolate the child before asking the parents or carer to collect the child immediately and seek advice from their doctor. If the case is confirmed the nursery must let all parents know and follow the preventative measures they have in place in the event of an outbreak. this will include disinfecting all handles, surfaces and toys that may have come in contact with the infected child.

Good day nursery practice should mean that the manager will have an up-to-date record of immunisations of all children in their care. Some children may not have been immunised with the MMR jab, purely because of their age or other medical conditions. This should obviously taken into consideration.

Officials in the worst affected area have been urging parents to check for the symptoms of measles and keep children away from nurseries if they suspect or have been diagnosed with the virus, keeping the child at home for at least four days after the rash starts.

Dr Marion Lyons, Director of Health for Public Health wales said, “It’s great to see that more parents are trusting the vaccine and I would encourage others to follow their lead. Measles cannot be taken lightly because you can never tell who will go on to develop the more serious complications of pneumonia or encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). A simple and safe jab from your GP will protect your child’s health, could save their life, and will help protect other children too. It is the only precaution you can take at this worrying time, and we have plenty of stocks of the jab, so I would urge parents to make arrangements with their GP now.”

Vigilance can have a major effect on containing the spread of viruses, so keep an eye on your children and act fast if you suspect anything.

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