IS This A Record? Fourth Set Of Twins Join Southport!

We have all heard the phrase that things come in threes, but for the staff at Monkey Puzzle in Southport it seems things definitely come in twos!

The Southport nursery has only been open for six months but recently they welcomed their FOURTH set of twins.

Is there something in the water…

Twins Charlie and James, Oscar and Martha, Finley and Natalie and Oliver and Jacob have all enrolled in the past six months and hope to stay with the nursery until their transition into primary school education.

Speaking of the new additions, Monkey Puzzle Southport owner, Jayne Hayes commented, “We still can’t quite believe it! Having one set of twins and being able to watch them develop their own individual personalities is one thing, but four, in such a short space of time, is quite special”.

Jayne continued, “What is it about the Southport sea air? They all at a young age and we are hoping they will be with us until preschool, so there is still time for more twins to join us and then we might just have to start consulting the record books!”

Jayne did want to stress, however, that they do also accept single kids, triplets and quadruplets!

twins join day nursery