Providing a safe, caring environment for children aged 3 months to 5 years.

For over thirty years Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries have been working closely with parents, staff and Ofsted to deliver childcare of the highest quality, providing children with unlimited opportunities to play, learn and grow within a safe, caring environment.

Our day nurseries and settings are specifically designed to meet the needs of babies and young children. We provide our nursery children with a stimulating environment where they can thrive, with large, bright open plan rooms, creative outdoor play areas and a variety of modern equipment.

Our aim is for every child to be happy and healthy, enjoying their early years at the Nursery and for parents to have peace of mind that their children are in excellent hands with Monkey Puzzle.

Our partnership with Kide Science – Play is the highest form of research

Kide Science is an educational science programme that understands that children are curious, active learners by nature. Being the first UK early years provider to partner with Kide Science, we offer unique opportunities to nursery children, getting them excited about how the world around them works. To get there, the activities and experiments we explore in our nurseries, are based on the powerful world of stories. An engaging narrative with a kooky cast of characters makes it easy for young children to follow along because only through imagination can we see beyond what we already know.

We love our children to grow up understanding, evaluating and producing scientific knowledge. Kide Science is here to help children become active producers of knowledge and meaning, helping them to play, learn and grow into the problem solvers and creative thinkers of tomorrow.

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