Cheltenham Monkey Puzzle Raise £150 for Comic Relief!

We love Comic Relief here at Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries. Not only do you get to spend most of the day laughing out loud, but you also get to have fun raising money for the good causes they support.

The team down in Cheltenham were determined to do both, having fun while raising as much money as possible. It was part of a concerted effort by children, teachers and carers across the whole of Gloucestershire, ranging from cake sales to (my favourite) throwing sponges at colleagues and teachers.

On the day, it seemed as if the whole of the county was covered in a sea of red as everybody got into the spirit dressing up in red and donning the iconic red nose.

At our Monkey Puzzle day nursery in Cheltenham the fund raising began early, with a cake sale at the beginning of the week which got the fund off to a great start, not to mention the yummy cakes that were consumed. All the staff, children and parents got involved and many thanks to all who took part.

The rest of the week saw the children turning up in all kinds of Comic Relief themed costumes and some particularly crazy red hairdos.

It all culminated in my favourite past time and, by the look of the children’s faces, theirs too, a good old fashioned wet sponge throwing contest, you’ll be pleased to know that all the kids have an excellent aim!

All in all a highly fun and productive week with everybody raising a cool £150, which hopefully will end up putting a smile on the faces of those children less fortunate.

Well done Cheltenham Monkey Puzzle we’re all proud of you! Why not like their Facebook Page and see all the fun for yourself. Also if you want to find out more about Cheltenham Monkey Puzzle Nursery visit their web site.

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