Changes to the EYFS, what YOU need to know.

EYFS imageThe Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a framework that provides guidance and the legal requirements for all child care workers and providers, supporting learning and development of children in their care from birth to five years.

The two main aspects focus on learning and play and the statutory welfare requirements of childcare provision.

The revised framework, published on March 27, 2012 for implementation from September 2012, aims to simplify the Government’s wider vision for families in the foundation years, freeing professionals from “time wasting” bureaucracy and red tape so that they can focus on supporting a child’s development.

The key improvements within the EYFS framework are:

  • Simplifying learning and development requirements by reducing the number of early learning goals from 69 to 17.
  • Stronger emphasis on the 3 prime areas most essential to a child’d healthy development, these being; communication, physical and personal, social and emotional development.
  • Strengthening partnerships between professionals and parents via clarity and clear language.
  • For parents a new progress check at age 2 on their child’s development which intends to help children get any additional support they need before they start school.
  • Reducing bureaucracy for professionals thus simplifying the statutory assessment of children’s development at age 5.

So what do you, the parent, need to know?

Firstly, a more detailed explanation and helpful literature can be found at the Department of Education’ s EYFS website. You as a parent or carer though, should begin or continue the following activities to further extend your child’s development.

  • Reading stories.
  • Singing nursery rhymes and other songs.
  • Talking to your child when you are out, about all the different things you can see.
  • Independence. Allow them to feed themselves (have cleaning materials on hand!)
  • Spontaneous creativity such as craft making, drawing or writing.
  • Praise! Let your child know when they have achieved something. Praise and encouragement goes a long, long way!

Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries and our Nursey Franchise division implement  the EYFS to a very high standard. Staff are trained in all areas of the framework ensuring our nationwide network of nurseries reflects the guidance and meets with all the legal requirements…

...however, we believe Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries exceed it and provides you and your child with the perfect environment for early years development.