Glastonbury Headliner Appears At Wilmslow Preschool Graduation Party

It’s that time of year when we say goodbye to some of our children as they continue their educational journey at primary school.

So what better way to give them a seed off than a graduation party!

But Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery in Wilmslow didn’t just put on any old party, no, they managed to secure a headline act from this year’s world famous Glastonbury festival!

No, Jagger & Co didn’t roll up to strum their way through their back catalogue, but Mr Yipadee did!

Mr Yipadee, 34 year old Dean O’ Brien headlined the kids stage at the recent Glastonbury festival and has also scored a number 1 in the iTunes Children’s Album Charts.

Glastonbury headliner performs at Wilmslow day nurseryUnderstandably it wasn’t just the children that were thrilled at his appearance, owner, Liz Butterworth was excited as well, “managing to get Mr Yipadee to appear at our graduation party has been an amazing coup for us. His unique approach to children’s entertainment, combining fun with positive messages and promoting self esteem, was a perfect send off for those children who will be leaving us to attend primary school”.

Mr Yipadee’s unique approach to children’s entertainment isn’t just aimed at fun and laughter, there is also an important message behind the fun, as Dean explained, “with the birth of my daughter, I realised there was very little positive, fun and engaging music for kids”.

He added, “Leading psychology, self-belief, and peak performance principles are often only translated for adults. Research proves the most effective age to learn and develop is in the first five years, so there seemed a huge gap in the market.”

Wilmslow Day NurseryLiz was delighted with to see the children having so much fun at the party, and as a qualified psychologist herself, admires the work that Dean is doing, “Self confidence and a positive self image are critical foundations for early learning and development” she said, “Mr Yipadee was the perfect addition to our party and, although we will miss them, we know that the children leaving will thrive in their new schools.”

I think you’ll agree from the photos, everyone had a wonderful time, and we wish all the children well at their new schools. If you are interested in places at Wilmslow Monkey Puzzle give them a call on 01625 444706 or get in touch via there website.

Wickham Monkey Puzzle Nursery Rated Good By Ofsted

We are very proud to announce that following their first ever Ofsted inspection, our Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery in Wickham has been awarded a “good” rating!

There were 4 areas that the Ofsted team highlighted as being strong, these wer…

  • The strong staff team have a high focus on each child and their family. Overall, they successfully tune into their individual needs.
  • Relationships are strong at all levels. The key person system is well-embedded.
  • Good quality play and learning takes place. Staff effectively build on children’s knowledge and skills during purposeful interactions.
  • A stimulating, well-resourced and enabling environment inspires children to engage in play and exploration.

The good rating is testament to all the hard work that owner, Helen Dale, the manager Shellie Dearden and all the staff have put in. But that hard work will not stop their! Their aim is to be “outstanding” after their next inspection.

There were only two areas that Ofsted suggested improvements could be made, and the reasons why they were not rated outstanding, which Helen has begun to improve, almost before the inspectors had left!

So huge congratulations to Helen and her team, all at Monkey Puzzle are proud of you!

The full Ofsted report can be read here

Is This The Greenest Day Nursery In London?

One of our newest additions to the Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery nationwide network, will open its doors to the public in September 2013. Situated in the newly renovated Loxfords building in Highbury Park, this historic and elegant property also boasts an environmental breakthrough, incorporating a unique heating and energy system that reduces harmful emissions to a level hardly seen before.

The system is one of the first to be installed in a new development anywhere in London and will provide heat and energy for the nursery, while having a low detrimental impact on the local environment.

Now I could try and offer you, the reader, a chemistry lesson on how the process works, but I feel you would lose interest rapidly and I would get thoroughly confused! So I thought it best for Monkey Puzzle Highbury’s owner, Geoff Kent to explain in layman’s terms.

“This revolutionary method of providing the energy and heat that we need to operate, utilises glycerine waste which is added to standard biofuels, providing our energy needs with very low emissions. It is currently recognised as the greenest fuel solution available”

“The use of glycerine waste which burns more efficiently and produces less emissions, also limits the reliance on growing bio fuels, freeing up land which can then be used for growing food crops.”

The day nursery which is a family affair, being run by husband and wife team, Geoff and Wendy Kent and supported by their son Anthony, has a strong focus on being environmentally friendly. The furniture within the nursery has been sourced from sustainable beech forests in the Baltic states and whenever a decision is to be made by them regarding the nursery, wherever possible they will choose a green alternative.

So keep an eye out for more news and the opening date for London’s “greenest day nursery”, in our humble opinion, the ideal place for your child to begin their educational journey.

For information regarding places and employment opportunities, call Fran at Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries head office on 01442 878887 or get in touvh via our contact page.

Monkey Puzzle Highbury Announces Nominated Charity

With the time approaching for the new Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery in Highbury to open its doors to the public, owner Geoff Kent has announced which charity they have chosen to be their nominated charity.

The new site, part of the fantastically restored Loxfords building in Highbury, was previously the headquarters for the charity Action For Children, so it was an obvious choice for Geoff when he began shortlisting his nominated charity.

The impressive building, an excellent example of the Regency style, was built in the early 19th Century and was once the residence of the renowned glove makers, the Dent Family, before more recently being occupied by Action For Children.

This wonderful charity focuses on supporting and speaking out for the UK’s most vulnerable and neglected children and young adults, Their mission is simple they will work with them for as long as it takes to make a difference in their lives.

So with our chosen nominated charity in place, we will continue to work hard to put the final touches to our latest Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery and open the doors to the public.

Keep an eye on their website to see which events will be organised to get the fund raising underway.

If you are interested in your child attending Monkey Puzzle Highbury or are interested in employment opportunities, give Fran a call at our Head Office on 01442 878887 or via our contact page

Monkey Puzzle Playgrounds Project At Royal London Hospital

For those of you who don’t already know, here at Monkey Puzzle we don’t just run a nationwide network of over 30 nurseries between head office and our franchisees, we also have a sister company Monkey Puzzle Playgrounds.

Now while the name suggests that we specialise in playground installations, it couldn’t be further from the truth! Last year we successfully renovated the pitch surround and warm-up area at Premier League newcomers, Southampton Football Club, we were also asked to be involved in an exciting new playroom by architects, Cottrell and Vermeulen, at the top of the Royal London Hospital.

The result was stunning with visitors being forgiven from thinking they had slipped down the rabbit hole to Wonderland!

The surreal oversize living room was created to be bring a much needed dose of fun to the children’s ward of the new hospital complex. You can take a look at the stunning results of the completed project in a review by The Guardian’s Architecture and Design journalist Oliver Wainright.

Monkey Puzzle Playgrounds have created installations all over the country, but when you have the opportunity to contribute to something as special as this it really is an honour.

If on reading this, you are interested in renovating any outside play area or any area that requires sports surfaces or general safety surfaces, get in touch with our experts via our contact page, or call them on 0800 411 8500.

Wickham Monkey Puzzle Rated Good By Ofsted

Whoo hoo more good news for Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery’s! We are so pleased to be able to announce that one of our newest day nurseries, in Wickham, received a good rating from Ofsted, following their first ever inspection, a great achievement!

Owner Helen Dale was pleased to be able to announce the news, “After all the hard work that myself, our manager Shellie and all the staff has put in it is so good to see that rewarded with a “Good” rating from Ofsted following our very first inspection”

She went on, “but we are not going to rest on our laurels, our aim is to study the report in full and address any issues that prevented us from achieving an “outstanding” rating”.

The nursery which underwent refurbishment before opening can be found within The Old Chapel close to the Georgian Market Square.

They have dedicated spaces for children aged under 2 years old and for children up to 5 years old.

If you live in the area and would like to enquire about spaces for your child, you can either hop over to our contact page or call the nursery direct on 01329 830236.

New Monkey Puzzle Nursery For High Wycombe

With many things developing in the Monkey Puzzle pipeline, we are pleased to be able to announce that a new Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery is due to open in the summer at High Wycombe!

As I write builders are working away to create a new welcoming environment for both children and staff and, as ever, it will be complete to our usual high standards.

The new franchisee and owner is Cheryl Law and she will run the premises which is located at Rye House, 28 Easton Street, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP11 1NT. It is situated close to Abbey Way (A40) and Queen Victoria Road (A404), in fact if you were to drive past you will see our Monkey Puzzle banner!

The day nursery, due to open in July of this year, is taking initial enquiries regarding places and employment opportunities through our head office. If you want to contact us for more information then ask to speak to Fran on 01442 878887 or simply send us a message via our contact page.

Monkey Puzzle Ealing Gains Good Ofsted Report!

Our excellent day nursery in Ealing has just received the results of their first ever Ofsted report and it was, drum roll please….


It is extremely difficult to achieve an “outstanding” status on any nursery’s first Ofsted inspection, so huge congratulations to owner Barbara Chan, Manager Biljana Dokmanovic and all the staff.

The location for the modern detached nursery is on little Ealing Lane within 5 minutes walking distance of Northfields Tube Station. Since it’s recent opening it has gone from strength to strength providing quality childcare for the area, which has been highlighted in the Ofsted report.

The key points highlighted by the report which helped them achieve a “good” rating were:

  • Children enjoy their play and make good progress in their learning and development because staff know how children learn and provide appropriate and challenging learning experiences for them.
  • Children benefit from a welcoming, enabling and stimulating environment, which has a range of good quality toys and resources to help promote learning in all areas.
  • The nursery promotes the children’s welfare because staff effectively implement the safe guarding and welfare requirements.
  • Children benefit from secure attachments to their key person and other staff. As a result, they are relaxed, happy and have a strong sense of belonging.

But it wouldn’t be fair to report this without outlining why we weren’t awarded an “outstanding” rating, would it?

The ONLY reason why “it is not yet outstanding” is…

“Children have fewer opportunities to see words on display in their home languages to support their early literacy and to promote a sense of belonging and diversity for everyone.”

But guess what…

We are putting into action a plan that will correct that, so next time we will be OUTSTANDING!

If you want to find out more about Ealing Monkey Puzzle, visit their website. You can also see if there is a Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery on your doorstep by checking out our locations page.

You can read the full report on the Ofsted website.

Monkey Puzzle Join In Shakespeare’s Birthday Parade.

Monkey Puzzle Shakespeare ParadeIf you asked every English speaking person on the planet who is the World’s most famous playwright, I can guarantee that the vast majority would say “Shakespeare”.

So when his birthday is celebrated, in his home town of Stratford-Upon-Avon, with an annual parade our Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery in Stratford had to join in the fun!

Although Shakespeare is a figure head in English history, it is surprising that the event itself is rather low key, but informality is at the heart of the event.

As the parade zig zags through the heart of Stratford with marching bands, dignitaries, members of RSC and even Sir Donald Sinden in full morning dress, the crowds applaud continuously with smiles on their faces.

This year the event had a slightly different theme as they looked to present a “cradle to the grave” journey of the Bard’s life.

Well done to everyone who helped organise the event and to all those who took part, including Stuart James, Monkey Puzzle Stratford-Upon-Avon owner and monkey in chief (!), his son Matt and some of our preschoolers!

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Stratford Upon Avon

Monkey Puzzle Nursery Celebrates World Book Day

Monkey Puzzle Nursery in Cheltenham joined with other pupils across Cheltenham to celebrate World Book Day.

The excitement on the children’s faces was evident when they realised they would be able to dress up as their favourite book character, as part of the celebration.

World Book Day is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and, most importantly, it’s a celebration of READING. This literary event is marked in over a 100 countries worldwide.

At our Monkey Puzzle Nursery we combined fancy dress with a tea party and plenty of story-telling. The room was full of Fireman Sams, Pirates and Super Heroes. You would think the room would have been filled with excited noise but when the story telling began, you could hear a pin drop!

At Monkey Puzzle we believe it is important to get involved and support worthy charitable causes as well as national and international events, that complement the children’s overall education.

Manager, Gemma Isaccs said, “Both the staff and children had lots of fun with all the children realising that reading isn’t a chore, it can be extremely enjoyable!”.

Take a look at some pictures of the fancy dress costume, I think you’ll agree a lot of effort was put into creating their favourite characters!

For more information about our Cheltenham Monkey Puzzle Nursery, visit their website. You can also find out more about Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries and our nationwide locations here.