They Keep Coming! Warwick Monkey Puzzle is GOOD say Ofsted.

Well this week has been busy for me, posting blogs and sending out press releases to announce all the positive Ofsted reports, this time we are acknowledging all the hard work of Patsy Monahan and her team at Warwick after they received a GOOD rating from Ofsted, narrowly missing out on OUTSTANDING!

The Warwick day nursery, situated in an elegant Georgian listed building, received the good news, digested the report and immediately set about making the necessary changes to get that “outstanding” rating next time round.

Some of the key factors that resulted in the very positive report were…

  • High priority is given to promoting babies’ and children’s sense of belonging in reassuring, welcoming surroundings. Good information sharing between staff and parents about babies’ and children’s backgrounds, characters and interests ensure staff get to know and settle children well and offer them relevant enjoyable activities.
  • Staff make learning fun and rewarding for babies and children. They organise a wealth of interesting activities at nursery, outdoors and within the local community.
  • Pre-school children, in particular, are enthusiastic and effective learners who eagerly respond to the staffs’ often imaginative teaching and high expectations. They ensure children are confident, articulate, creative and well prepared for full-time education.

So, once again, huge congratulations from everyone at Monkey Puzzle Towers, we are all very proud of Patsy and the team.

The full Ofsted Report can be found here.

Well Done Wilmslow! Liz & The Team Rated “Good” By Ofsted.

Well the good news keeps coming with yet another pat on the back from Ofsted! Our excellent Monkey Puzzle nursery in Wilmslow has been rated “GOOD” following their latest Ofsted inspection.

The Wilmslow day nursery situated near the heart of Wilmslow town centre is owned and operated by Liz Butterworth, providing high quality nursery facilities for children aged from 3 months through to five years old.

The Ofsted report highlighted key factors in reaching their decision including:

  • Children enjoy a wide range of activities that challenge and stimulate them. They are fully engaged throughout their time at the nursery.
  • Teaching is good because staff understand how to promote children’s learning. They successfully tailor activities to meet children’s next steps in development and therefore, children progress swiftly.
  • Children’s safety and well-being are effectively promoted. Thorough risk assessments are in place to protect children from hazards and staff work in partnership with parents to find out about any specific requirements.
  • The nursery is led by a strong management team. All staff benefit from regular training and mentoring. Consequently, children are cared for by staff who are knowledgeable, confident and enthusiastic about their role.

We are particularly pleased by the final comment highlighting the ability and confidence of Liz, the management team and staff, as ever it takes a lot of hard work and commitment, so for Ofsted to recognise that is very pleasing.

So all of us here at Monkey Puzzle Head Office want to offer huge congratulations to Liz and her hard working team, we are all very proud of you!

If you want to find out more about Wilmslow Monkey Puzzle or would like to arrange a visit to see the facility visit their website. Also why not see if there is a Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery on your doorstep by checking out our nationwide locations page.

View the full Ofsted Report here.

Highbury Monkey Puzzle Awarded Outstanding By Ofsted!

Lightning does strike twice!

A couple of month’s ago we celebrated what we believed to be a once in a blue moon occurrence, Monkey Puzzle High Wycombe were awarded an OUTSTANDING rating by Ofsted following their first inspection. I cannot stress how rare this happens after a first Ofsted inspection.

Well, imagine our surprise when Geoff Kent, the owner of the Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery in Highbury, London called head office with the incredible news of a second one!

Following their opening in November 2013 Geoff and his team have worked tirelessly to provide the best childcare in Highbury, leaving nothing to chance and this magnificent rating pays testament to the quality of the team he has put together.

So Geoff, everybody throughout the Monkey Puzzle network wants to send their huge congratulations to Monkey Puzzle, Highbury.

Geoff and the Team, we salute you!

The full Ofsted report can be found here

Who’s In Top Ten London Day Nurseries? Bexleyheath Of Course!

It’s party time at Bexleyheath Monkey Puzzle!


Well, after only being open for nine months they are celebrating making the Top 10 most recommended day nurseries in London as awarded by The awards are based on over 12,818 recommendations received during 2013-14 from parents, relatives and guardians of children who attend the nurseries.

Industry awards are always well received, but when the award is based on parent and guardian recommendations, it makes it that much more special!

Owners Jenny and Parv Choudhury are understandably ecstatic, “We are delighted to be recognised with this award after just 9 months of opening.   The staff and parents are all over the moon! We aspire to be the best nursery in Bexley!   We treat every child as our own and put a great deal of emphasis on parent partnership.  Every show round is done by my husband and I.  This allows us to know each of our parents from the very beginning. One of us is always at the nursery overlooking every aspect of the operation.  We are real parents running the nursery as we would for our own children.”

It’s been a good year at Monkey Puzzle Towers, with plenty of successful Ofsted reports including an unheard of “outstanding” rating for Monkey Puzzle High Wycombe, following their first Ofsted inspection, so this welcome news adds to what is turning out to be a hugely successful year across our network.

So, Parv, Jenny and all the wonderful staff at Bexleyheath congratulations and well done for all the hard work, we are very proud of you!

Monkey Puzzle Bexleyheath is currently fully subscribed but you can add your name to their waiting list just give them a call on 020 3609 6911 Remember we have nurseries all across the country so why not take a look and see if there is an award winning Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery on your doorstep

Monkey Puzzle High Wycombe is OUTSTANDING!!

Our excellent day nursery in High Wycombe has just received the results of their first ever Ofsted report and it was, drum roll please….


Now, this is not just an impressive result, it’s an incredible result! Ofsted first inspections are rarely “outstanding”, in fact less than 5% receive such a recommendation so we, here at Monkey Puzzle Towers want to offer owner Cheryl Law, manager Cheryl Butler and their magnificent team HUGE congratulations for all the hard work they have carried out in such a short space of time!

The Ofsted report highlighted the key areas that formed part of their outstanding rating, which were…

  • Children are consistently achieving very high standards across all aspects of their learning and development, including those whose starting points are lower than expected for their age.
  • The quality of teaching is consistently very high and this is supported by precise assessments, observations and planning. This means that children’s progress is excellent in all areas of learning and development.
  • Extremely positive partnership with parents and carers means that children benefit form an exceptional quality of care and learning because successful strategies are in place to engage parents in supporting children’s learning at home.
  • Leaders and managers are inspirational with exceptional knowledge and they are committed to staff training and development; this means that children benefit from high quality care and education.

If you want to find out more about the “outstanding” High Wycombe Monkey Puzzle day nursery, visit their website. You can also see if there is a Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery on your doorstep by checking out our locations page.

You can read the full report on the Ofsted website.

Monkey Puzzle Bexleyheath Is “Good” Says Ofsted

A new year and another pat on the back from Ofsted! Our excellent Monkey Puzzle nursery in Bexleyheath has been rated “GOOD” following their latest Ofsted inspection.

The Bexleyheath day nursery situated near the heart of Bexleyheath town centre is owned by mother of two Jenny Choudhury and provides high quality nursery facilities for children aged from 3 months through to five years old.

Th Ofsted report highlighted key factors in reaching their decision including:

  • Children benefit from a welcoming, well organised, inclusive setting. They have access to a wide range of good quality resources and play materials.  
  • Staff work closely with parents and keep them well informed about their children.
  • The management team are very committed to continually developing the provision and take effective steps to address any areas for improvement.

We are especially pleased with the final point and as there were only two areas that prevented us being rated “outstanding”, we will take the necessary “effective steps” to achieve “outstanding” following our next inspection.

So all of us here at Monkey Puzzle Head Office want to offer huge congratulations to Jenny and her hard working team, we are all very proud of you!

If you want to find out more about Bexley Monkey Puzzle or would like to arrange a visit to see the facility visit their website. Also why not see if there is a Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery on your doorstep by checking out our nationwide locations page.

View the full Ofsted Report here.

2013 – another Great Year For Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries.

Well time certainly does fly! It seems like only yesterday that I was reminiscing about our achievements in 2012 and here I am writing about the highlights of 2013…and what year it has been!

Over the year we added 4 brand new day nurseries to our national network, Didsbury in the the north west, High Wycombe, Highbury and Bexleyheath in the south. Plenty of hard work was necessary but because of the effort, all opened on time and continue to grow with 2014 looking very promising.

Didsbury, along with Bedford, Ealing and Wickham all had their first Ofsted inspections each receiving a GOOD rating, with only minor points preventing them from achieving the ultimate OUTSTANDING award. Each nursery immediately began addressing these minor issues and are more than hopeful that following their next inspection their “outstanding” goal will have been achieved.

Three other day nurseries were reinspected all achieving the same same GOOD rating! Well done to all owners, management and staff of the seven nurseries for their hard work which resulted in these fine results.

Looking forward to early 2014, three further Monkey Puzzle day nurseries are due to open. The locations are in Weybridge, Southport and our first ever Scottish Day Nursery in Glasgow! So good luck to all involved and please try to find the time to celebrate and enjoy Christmas and the New Year!

With the continuing growth there have been two new additions to Monkey Puzzle Towers Head Office. Julie Firth has joined us from Ofsted in the role of Operations Development Manager and she is joined by Lucy Hood in Business Development. Both come to us with strong CV’s and will be a major asset in our future growth.

Finally as with every year all our day nurseries we raised a significant amount of money for various charities, with the recent Children in Need Appeal being particularly successful. Well done to all the children, their parents and staff for such a wonderful effort.

So it’s a Merry Christmas from all at Monkey Puzzle and here’s to a even more successful New Year!

Monkey Puzzle Have Fun Raising Money For Children In Need

It really is the one day of the year all of our nurseries look forward to! All the nurseries take part with children and the staff going to great lengths to ensure a fun filled day while also raising as much money as possible.

Of course we’re talking about Children in Need!

This year there was a lot of focus on baking. With the rise in popularity of The Great British Bakeoff we thought it would be a good idea to let the children show off their baking skills and create some yummy creamy cakes.

There was a slight hitch when the children realised that the cakes were being made to sell to raise money for Children in Need and not to be eaten! Although there was a bit of secret spoon licking when the staff’s back was turned!

However not all the cakes were sold to make money, oh no…

Some were used to splat the faces of the staff if a donation was made. You would not have believed how big the queue was! You can pop over to

Monkey Puzzle Cheltenham’s Facebook page and take a look at the photos of the cake and cream covered smiling faces of the staff, I think they enjoyed it…

But it wasn’t just the children that had fun raising money.

On the big day itself we had a group training day at Monkey Puzzle Towers,  and head office decided to allow those attending the chance to wear their pyjamas in exchange for a donation.

The offer was to good to miss as the majority saw the benefits of being able to have an extra lie-in that morning, just rolling out of bed and heading in for training!

So we want to give a big thank you to all those children, parents and staff who took part and managed to raise a healthy sum for this wonderful charity.

Chesham’s Monkey Puzzle Completes Refurbishment.

Well it’s been a busy month at Chesham’s Monkey Puzzle with a full refurbishment under the new ownership of Rohit and Panita Santa. The popular day nursery has benefitted from a total redecoration throughout and introducing brand new resources throughout the nursery.

All the work has been carried out ahead of a relaunch of the day nursery culminating with an open day on 16th November between 10am and 2pm.

As Rohit and Panita explained, it wasn’t a straightforward refurbishment, “While all the works were being carried out, the nursery remained open. Fortunately we have plenty of space and rooms so we were able to seal off the areas we were working on while continuing to offer our trademark quality childcare.”

With the work now completed they intend to show the results off to parents and children from the local community.

The pair added, “We decided that the perfect way to unveil it was to arrange an open day so that anyone can pop in and experience for themselves, the level of quality childcare we provide in a safe, clean and stimulating environment.”

So if you are interested in finding more about Chesham’s “all new” Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery be sure to book a place for the open day by contacting Fran Slater at their head office on 01442 878887 or by emailing

Bedford Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Is “Good” Says Ofsted

Another Ofsted inspection, another “good” rating! Bedford Monkey Puzzle received the good rating following Ofsted’s first visit, a fabulous achievement and there were only two areas that prevented them getting an outstanding award!.

The Ofsted team highlighted 4 area where the day nursery were strong these being…

  • Children are motivated and engage readily in new learning. Staff are skilled at using every situation to maximise learning opportunities and, as a result, children make rapid progress in their development.
  • Children develop good communication skills, and confidence with mathematics, because staff provide opportunities within all activities that promote this development.
  • The provision uses strategies that engage all parents and extend children’s learning at home. Precise assessment and focused planning leads to good development for children, taking into account their starting points.
  • The manager employs thorough induction for new staff and good methods of performance management. Consequently, staff are motivated and knowledgeable.

This excellent first inspection result is testament to the hard work that the whole management and staff led by Natalie and Gaynor, have put in. But guess what, they are not going to sit back and bask in their success, no, they are determined to address and improve the two areas that precluded them achieving outstanding status.

So, once again, huge congratulations to the whole team at Bedford Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery, all at Monkey Puzzle are proud of you!

The full Ofsted report can be read here.