Monkey Puzzle Highbury Leading The Way

Our Ofsted Outstanding nursery in Highbury have had their success recognised after Capita Conferences have invited Nursery Manager, Joy Wood and Operations Manager Anthony Kent to lead a session at an Early Years Inspection Conference to be held in Central London this October.

Since their opening less than two years ago, the core of their strategy was building strong relationships with parents so they are able to assist in their children’s learning outcomes while also ensuring they understand the common inspection framework and the importance of their role in the early years setting inspection success.

Capita Conferences made their decision to offer an invitation after looking at feedback from parents whose children attend the Islington day nursery, they were particularly impressed by the “overwhelming support and praise by the parents of the learners that attend” and Ofsted reporting that “parents are fully informed of their child’s progress and have access to their own child’s learning journal through using a secure online system.”

The learning journals offered by the nursery has been a particular success and something we believe all our nurseries will benefit from should they choose to adopt the software.

The conference, which will be held on 21 October, will be attended by all early years providers on the childcare register, local authorities and private voluntary organisations.

Joy, who will be leading the conference session, commented, “We are very happy to share our experience and strategies and highlight the importance of working with parents to enable the success of the nursery and their children’s early years education, the two go hand in hand.”

So we want to wish both Joy and Anthony every success on the day and well done to all the management and staff for being recognised as innovative, childcare provision leaders.

Southport We Have A Problem…

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery, Southport children, parents and staff were all intently huddled around laptops and tablets on Sunday 28th June at 3.21pm waiting for lift off of the SpaceX-7 rocket flight.


Well, the Southport day nursery had joined up to the Royal Horticultural Society’s Campaign for School Gardening, part of which involved sending a selection of rocket seeds to the International Space Station for planting.

How exciting is that!

The RHS Campaign For School Gardening was created to inspire and support schools to provide children with gardening opportunities to enhance their their skills and boost development.

The rocket seed experiment was intended to compare how space effects the seeds compared to those identical seeds that remain on earth.

The rocket blasted off on schedule but just two and a half minutes into its galactic journey things started to go wrong.

Badly wrong…

The unmanned Falcon 9 rocket suffered a catastrophic failure destroying the Dragon capsule holding our seeds and all its other precious cargo.

But we are still hopeful after discussions between the RHS and the European Space Agency confirmed that they were to find another launch opportunity as soon as possible.

While everyone at Monkey Puzzle Southport were disappointed, it has not dampened the children’s enthusiasm for gardening and expect them to be gathered round their computers once more in the not too distant future.

Glasgow Celebrate 2 Finalists In The NMT Nursery Awards!

Monkey Puzzle day nursery Glasgow have added an important date to this years calendar, 2nd September 2015.


Well, two of their excellent staff have made it through to the Scottish finals of the Nursery Management Today Awards!

Lorraine Kirkwood is one of the five finalists for Nursery Personality 2015 and Nicola Leese has made it to the last five in the Nursery Nurse/Childcare Worker category.

The awards ceremony is being held at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow on 2nd September and expect an excited Monkey Puzzle contingent to be there to support them and celebrate their achievements whether they win or not, as to be nominated is a huge accolade in itself.

Glasgow Monkey Puzzle is our first nursery in Scotland. It opened it’s doors on 1st September 2014 and owners Brian Doherty and Della Martin were determined to position Monkey Puzzle Glasgow as one of the best childcare providers in the heavily competitive central Glasgow area.

The fact that two of their team have made it through to the finals of a national childcare awards ceremony so soon after opening is testimony to Brian and Della’s vision and their staff’s hard work.

So let’s hope that after celebrating their first anniversary on the first of September, they will be toasting further success the following day.

All of us at Monkey Puzzle are proud of Brian, Della and the team and will be by the phone on Thursday 3rd September waiting for the results!

Find out more about Monkey Puzzle Glasgow by visiting their website.

Award For Designer Helping Children Learn Through Play

The 2015 International Design Awards has recognised an innovative product to help children learn through play.

Elli Gkologkina, a certified architect based in Crete, currently studying as a distance learner at Gloucestershire University on the Postgraduate Professionals in Children’s Play, won the Silver Award for her design, “Many Happy Re-Turns”.

The device made out of corrugated cardboard can be played with, sat on and moved into a variety of positions allowing children to use their developing imagination dictating how it is played with.

“Many Happy Re-Turns” has seven ways in which it can be used to roll, sat on or pushed by toddlers and adults. It can also be used as a chair, a blackboard or a surface for learning to take place.

Elli is part of the Transformable Intelligent Environments Laboratory team behind the exciting product, which has been designed to assist the learning through play approach to early years education.

Wendy Russell, senior lecturer in Play and Playwork at the university, praised Elli and the teams work, “We are delighted that Elli and her colleagues have won this prestigious award. She has an interest in children’s play and so she enrolled on our distance learning postgraduate Professional Studies in Children’s Play programme. This design shows how she has brought together her architectural design skills and her understanding of children’s play. We heartily congratulate her and her colleagues on this award.”

Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries are proactive in promoting learn through play techniques to enhance preschool children’s education and support innovation in this area of learning. So we say…

Well done Elli!

Two New Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries Set To Open

Less than one month into 2015 and we are already looking forward to two new Monkey Puzzle day nurseries opening!

The two new locations are Shefford in Bedfordshire and Tatsfield, Surrey. The news follows the recent opening of new franchises in Irthlingborough, Bromley and Solihull.

This great news confirms we are on track to expand our national nursery network to over 40 by the end of 2015.

The Shefford Monkey Puzzle will be owned and run by Caroline Matthieson and with the building secured and work already underway, Caroline hopes to be opening the doors to the public in 8 weeks time. Recruitment is also underway and our tried and tested training schedule in place.

Over in Tatsfield owner Sharene Menteath has also secured the lease on the building and cannot wait to get started on creating a safe, creative, learning environment for the local area. Tatsfield Monkey Puzzle will be opening Spring 2015.

Congratulations to Caroline and Sharine and welcome to the Monkey Puzzle family!

If you are interested in owning and operating your own Monkey Puzzle day nursery franchise, get started by registering for our franchise information pack.

You can also see if there is a Monkey Puzzle day nursery on your doorstep by checking out our locations page.